Nice little review — And COMIXOLOGY!

So for those of you keeping track, Last Breath has done pretty well on the review front. So far no one has really hated it and, as a writer, that’s pretty nice to hear. The most recent review came when Last Breath became available on Comixology, which you can visit here and buy for just […]

Where I’ll be on Free Comic Book Day…

If you’re in the Oshkosh area this Saturday for Free Comic Book Day, I’d love if you stopped in at House of Heroes Comics and Games and introduced yourself. I’ll be there selling and signing copies of Last Breath and a black-and-white version of Cazadora, the two books I wrote, as well as Combat Jacks […]

The Eighth Day — an upcoming series

So now I have a couple of one shots under my belt and am working on a four-part miniseries, and I’m feeling the urge to spread my wings a bit more. So, I’m writing an open-ended series, The Eighth Day. I’ve picked up Robb Robertopoli as the artist, and she’s been working on pages (and […]

Aw Yeah! What a cool comic store…

I had the joy of walking through the doors at Aw Yeah Comics in Skokie, IL (northern suburb of Chicago) just the other day to drop off five copies of Last Breath. It is a pretty cool little shop with a very cool fellow by the name of Marc Hammond running the show. So how […]

Updated comic convention schedule…

It is with sadness that I report I will not be making the trek to Emerald City Comiccon this year. Truth is, the cost is just too high right now, and there is a LOT going on around here that will keep me from channeling funds to that trip. But, I have already signed up […]

The ultimate writing time killer

If there is one thing I can point to as the ultimate killer of my writing time, it’s the Internet. More specifically, it’s social media. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and the like are the absolute quickest way to sap my time. I log on with the intention of spending a few minutes to research something or […]

Heading to conventions

I have to admit that while I’m excited about 2014 and all that it may bring, I am also really nervous about attending conventions as a creator. I’ve never really been the kind of person who tries to sell others on why they should be interested in what he’s doing. I’ve long been of the […]