Convention update & Dead By Wednesday news

It’s official — Sam and Kim Eggleston will be attending Motor City Comic Con and Cherry Capital Comic Con in May 2015. Motor City is first up, on May 15 through 17, at the Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi, Michigan, outside of Detroit. (Same place it’s been held for a few years now, if you’ve […]

Pencils finished!

So we just got in the last page of pencils for Dead by Wednesday #1 from Jay De Foy (his DeviantArt here for more). It’s a pretty exciting moment to have all the pencils done. Now onward to inks, colors and letters from the team of Josh Oakes (inks) and John Hunt (colors and letters), […]

Postcards coming…

So when we reached our Dead By Wednesday Kickstarter goal, we did so also having completed the first stretch goal, and that means… POSTCARDS! These will be going out to all physical backers who will be getting a package mailed. We had one already completed, but now we’ve got both of them done and colored, […]

Cool things coming in 2015!

Well, 2014 has been a year of great creating for the Egglestons. A successful comics Kickstarter with Dead by Wednesday #1¬†(we’re over 200 backers, hooray!) is definitely a crowning achievement for the year, but it’s by no means the only thing we’ve been moving forward with. In 2014, we¬†worked on everything from Combat Jacks #2 […]

Dead by Wednesday Kickstarter update & more!

Just to update everyone on the Kickstarter progress, we are very close to being funded at our original goal of $5,000–just under $100 away, in fact. Since we still have until Jan. 4 to go, we’ve made several stretch goals, the top one being around $10,000-$12,000, which would enable our creative team to also deliver […]

Comic Kickstarter is going better than expected!

When we decided to go the Kickstarter route for Dead by Wednesday, we were looking at the costs and the minimum we would need to get the project rolling and came up with the number of $5,000. Truth is, it’s a bit more than that, but nothing we couldn’t cover ourselves. We went with a […]

FIRST LOOK – Dead by Wednesday

Thought I would share the first character sketch for the new comic I am writing with my wife and editor, Kim Eggleston. It is called “Dead by Wednesday,” and we are hoping to go to Kickstarter with it in October. The art will by by Jay De Foy, who did the pencils on this character […]

Boo-Nana Tail Halloween Special

I was lucky enough to work on Mark McKenna’s creator-owned property, Banana Tails, on the upcoming Boo-Nana Tail Halloween Special that comes out in October. The comic has a slew of talented folks working on it, including McKenna himself and creators like Jim Califiore, Charles Paul Wilson, and Geraldo Borges and more. I have a […]